redis 3.2 to 4.0

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3이나 4는 같다... 입니다.

Migrating from 3.2 to 4.0 =========================

Redis 3.2 is mostly a strict subset of 4.0, 

you should not have any problem upgrading your application from 3.2 to 4.0. However this is a list of small non-backward compatible changes introduced in the 4.0 release:

* The Redis Cluster bus protocol of 4.0 is no longer compatible with Redis 3.2.   This was needed in order to provide Docker / NAT compatibility to Redis   Cluster. SO in order to upgrade a Redis Cluster to 4.0, a mass restart of   all the instances is needed.

* Redis Cluster CLUSTER NODES output is now slightly different. Nodes   addresses are now in the form host:port@bus-port instead of host:port.   Clients should use CLUSTER SLOTS in order to fetch the cluster configuration   however if they are still using CLUSTER NODES, they should be modified in   order to ignore the @bus-port part.

* Writable slaves do not propagate writes to their sub-slaves, so writes to   writable slaves remain just local.

* The RDB format changed. Redis 4.0 is still able to read 3.2 (and all the   past versions) files, but not the other way around. * Certain log formats and sentences are different in Redis 4.0.

* Certain INFO fields, especially related to replication, are now different.

* GEODIST, GEOPOS and GEOHASH return values changed for non existing keys:   Previously the return value was inconsistent between non existing key   and non existing elements. Now the return is always like if the key   contains no elements if the key does not exist. So, for instance,   "GEOHASH non_existing_key A B C" now returns an array of 3 NULL values   as it should. In general this change should not break compatibility with   the past since in the past two different forms were provided by the server   and the new behavior is one of the two.

* The SLOWLOG command entires contain additional two fields: the client address   and name. This is documented in the SLOWLOG command online documentation.

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