froala 2.4.1 - change log

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Version 2.4.1   

Release Date: January 25, 2017

  • Print plugin
  • Video upload
  • Special characters plugin
  • Add htmlUntouched option
  • Disabling useClasses doesn't use style anymore for images.
  • Enhancements
    • Do not remove all link attributes on link update.
    • Do not allow pasting images from Google domain because they require authentication.
    • Fixes laggy typing inside large text when editor is initialized on textarea.
    • Typing was slow on Android with toolbarVisibleWithoutSelection option.
    • Improve line breaker show and hide logic.
    • Selecting image and hitting ENTER adds a new line above the image.
    • Placeholder was overlapping the textarea content inside popups.
    • Improve NL Translation.
    • Drag highlighted text around the editable area.
    • Reset align attribute for block tags when it is the same with it's parents.
  • Bug fixing
    • Editor wasn't firing blur event when popup visible (only when using iframe).
    • Scoped queries were not used correctly.
    • Invalid width was resetting the image size.
    • Page was scrolling when image selected and ENTER was hit.
    • Unwrapping was adding a new line incorrectly when ENTER_BR option was used.
    • Calling position.refresh might throw an error.
    • Prevent scroll on focus in IE.
    • Inline toolbar was hidden on popup show when it was shared between multiple editors.
    • Collapse spaces after BR tag.
    • Inline toolbar was scrolling on Android.
    • Resized table was not responsive on resize from left to right.
    • Spaces from PDFs were removed sometimes on paste.
    • Fixes new line being added before image in Edge when not necessary.
    • New lines were inconsistent in Edge.
    • Typing in Japanese Kanji was not working in Edge.
    • Image load popups were not placed correctly when images were inserted via Image Manager.
    • Image resize popups were stopping to work sometimes.
    • Code view plugin was throwing an error in Edge and Firefox sometimes.
    • Cursor was not showing up after paste in Edge.
    • Line breaks were collapsing when format got applied in ENTER_BR mode.
    • Backspace was possible inside contenteditable="false".
    • Cursor was always positioned at the end of the cell in a table.
    • Remove jQuery global.
    • Spaces between inline images were being stripped out.

Version 2.4.0   

Release Date: December 09, 2016

  • 508 Accessibile
  • WCAG 2.0 Accessibile
  • Enhancements
    • Delete entire block when it has class="fr-deletable" and contenteditable="false".
    • Selecting multiple cells in iframe was loosing focus.
  • Bug fixing
    • Autocorrect and spellcheck was not working on iOS.
    • Back button not working properly in image edit link popup.
    • Caret position was not saved on cut.
    • Formatting was not being applied to all list items.
    • Placing cursor before image was throwing an error in console.
    • Enter in empty table cell was adding too many lines.
    • Empty table was created on enter at the beginning of another table in Firefox.
    • Changing video size was throwing an error.
    • Images were not inserted correctly in IE.
    • Accessibility when editor is initialized on image.

Version 2.4.0-rc.1   

Release Date: November 28, 2016

  • Accesibility - use the editor only with keyboard.
  • Help plugin - show shortcuts that can be used inside the editor.
  • Restructure examples inside the downloaded archive.
  • On key press, use filters only around the current selection.
  • Add default icon template as info to button.
  • Change default font size to 14px instead of 15px.
  • Add link.beforeInsert event.
  • Align placeholder with the first paragraph inside the editable area.
  • Add showOnMobile option when registering a command.
  • Enhancements
    • clearingFormat command was not removing all the formatting.
    • List item pasting.
    • Typing performance on very large amounts of texts.
    • Tab key behavior in lists and table.
    • Carry formatting between line breaks with keepFormatOnDelete option.
    • Improve Hungarian translation.
    • Adapt shadows to work in IE.
  • Bug fixing
    • Using the option fileUseSelectedText wasn't taking the filename when nothing is selected.
    • Editor was not initializing on empty div with the option initOnClick.
    • Popups were not visible in fullscreen.
    • Shortcuts were not executed when key was released before CTRL.
    • Ceaning the BR tags inside blocks on normalize.
    • SVG error on focus in IE.
    • Pasting from TextEdit was adding a double line break.
    • Resizing a single column was making the table to move offscreen.
    • Popup separator in direction RTL.
    • Arrow key navigation inside table cells.
    • Quick insert positioning in inline mode.
    • Images were pasted twice from clipboard in Firefox 50.
    • Editor was showing on links outside of the editable area in some cases.
    • Dropping an image outside of the editable area was not clearing the dragging state.
    • Pasting when all text is selected with keepFormatOnDelete option enabled was removing the text formatting.
    • Toolbar was destroyed incorrectly when toolbarContainer option was used.
    • Clicking an image after opening a popup would trigger editor blur event.
    • Initializing the editor on a textarea was adding the placeholder inside the editable area.

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