froala 2.3.x update

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2.3.0 이전버젼에서는 크롬에서 툴바 문제가 있다고 합니다.

낮은 버젼은 모두 업데이트 해주세요.


You may have heard about some problems with the Froala Editor's toolbar in Chrome browser recently. We would like to make sure that you have the facts about what happened, what features are involved and the steps we took to address them.


What Happened?

Chrome version 51.0.2704 is the current stable version and it was released on May 25. They made some changes on how the style bottom property is computed in Javascript and this affects the toolbar sticky feature of the editor. We have reported this glitch on Chromium bug tracker a month before the Chrome release and we were hoping that they will fix it while still in development. You can read more about this on the following page:


What We Were Doing?

We put the changes that address this browser problem on Github development repository of the editor on April 25, as soon as we got aware of the problem. Also, on May 20, we released V2.3.0 with the fixes required to overcome the Chrome problem.


What Should I Do?

You don’t have to do nothing if:

  1. You are using editor V1.
  2. You are using V2.3.0 or higher.
  3. You are using editor V2 and you have a version prior to V2.3.0 and you have disabled the toolbarSticky option.

If you are using editor V2 and you have a version prior to V2.3.0 with default configuration then please make sure you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Be aware that on upgrade, it is necessary to update all the of editor's JS files, not only the main one.

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